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Oxfam GB - People Powered Projects

People Powered Projects

"It's all about lots of people coming together, to give a small amount, and create big change"

Project Background

Oxfam approached us with a brief to create a short, visually engaging animation to convey their upcoming People Powered Projects campaign. People Powered Projects is all about lots of people coming together to give a small amount and create big change. This message needed to be delivered in a fun and authentic way, which would inspire people to get involved.

The video is entirely animation based, with a narrative and audio track to accompany the animated messages. Whilst most of the key points are delivered by the narrator, we also animated key words and phrases to reinforce these messages making the overall video more memorable. The script was developed by the team at OMS, with the help of members of the project and brand team at Oxfam.

A key challenge we faced was to create a character (and accompanying graphics) that suited the Oxfam brand. The headline text used throughout is the Oxfam global headline font, which has ‘cut-out’ feel to it. We worked closely with Oxfam to create graphics that matched this style, and the overall result is a video that not only matches Oxfam’s brand guidelines, but also reflects the core values of the company.

Producer: Tom Limb,
Narrator: Timothy George
Music licensed from:

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