Animation has become a big part of what we do at OMS, mainly because it is a great medium for delivering a huge variety of information in a unique and interesting way. Additionally, it can be a powerful tool for demonstrating concepts or ideas for products that do not yet exist in a physical form. Let’s take a look at the different types of animation services we currently provide, and how they can add that extra injection of production value for your project.

2-D Motion Graphics and Kinetic Typography

This style of animation has been popularised by the rise web promo videos, sometimes referred to as explainer videos. While these videos come in many different forms, typically they comprise of an arrangement of 2-D shape layers, icons, text and characters. These various elements are composited to form scenes and then animated along with narration and/or a soundtrack to produce a fun and engaging short promo.

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If you’re looking to produce a web promo for your product or service, motion graphics and kinetic typography can be a great way to present ideas and concepts that are guaranteed to engage with your audience. Because everything is created from scratch, the possibilities are endless with regards to the content of your video, allowing for maximum flexibility and creativity throughout the process.
We like to use 2-D animation to produce a variety of video content, including:
• Web Promos/Explainer Videos
• Interactive Presentations
• Branded Video Content
• Exhibition Promos
• Character animations/cartoons
• Animated elements for video
• Educational Videos

3-D Animation and CGI

3-D Animation and computer generated images (CGI) is a great option if you have a physical product you’d like to demonstrate to your audience, particularly if a physical copy does not yet exist. It can be used to create stunning concept visualisations for product prototypes, buildings, nano-technology as well as more organic structures for medical applications.
We use specialised, industry standard software to model the required objects, which can be reproduced either from concept drawings or a physical product. The next stage then is to set up the virtual scene environment and animate the object(s) according to the storyline of the video. We then add lighting and texture effects to bring your animation to life. Finally, we composite the animation with any additional assets in our post-production suite, adding in any music, narration, text or video content that may be required.

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The Sky is the Limit

We believe animation is a fantastic tool for conveying new ideas and concepts, particularly if those concepts are difficult (or impossible) to film. It’s a great way to quickly boost production value to any video and wow your audience in the process, and because everything is produced from an initial idea or story, the end product is only limited to the creative concepts. If you think an animated video could be the right option for your business, get in touch and we’ll throw around some ideas.

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